Best, Cute & Funny Halloween Poems for Adults, Kids, Childrens


Best, Cute & Funny Halloween Poems for Adults, Kids, Childrens

Best, Cute & Funny Halloween Poems for Adults, Kids, Childrens: Well, the most awaited festival if the year Halloween is about to come. A few days are left to celebrate Halloween. As you all know that Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October every year around the globe with great joy and fun. So, what’s your plan for this Halloween? Have to prepare your costumes or decided how you are going to wish happy Halloween to your closed ones. Haven’t decided yet? Don’t worry. Here, with the help of this post we are presenting some best Halloween Costumes Ideas poems including cute Halloween poems, fun Halloween poems, adult Halloween poems, and Childrens Halloween poem for all you guys. Sending your happy Halloween wishes with the help of a Halloween poem is a different but unique way to express your love and care to all your special friends and family. Thus, what are you waiting for? Get funny Halloween poem from our website to wish your beloved ones.

Cute Halloween poems for kids

Spooky Halloween Night

It's very spooky on Halloween night, 
The ghosts and goblins will give you a fright.

Watch your back, do not be blind.
If you're not careful, who knows what you'll find?

You might see things like little black bats, 
Or you might see things like scary black cats.

On every porch there's a pumpkin or two, 
With their creepy grins smiling at you.

It's very spooky on Halloween night.

Funny Halloween poems for kids

Night Walk 

As I walked down the leaf bestrewn path
The trees seemed to show their wrath
As the wind violently attacked
In the obscure pitch black
The nearby hot spring was a steam bath

In the moonlight it steamed, gleamed, and screamed
The night was just like a dream
Only it was a nightmare:
Frightening, fateful, freakish, fear
Nothing was as it seemed. 

Alone, abandoned, afraid and ambivalent
I must have looked very innocent
As I opened up the gate
Leading to my ominous fate
I opened the doors to imprisonment, which kept me alert and vigilant 

The paved graves, brave and gray
Ghosts glanced at me and waved
I stood frozen in the night
There was only one street light
The ghosts raved; they were a cold urgent wave
Craving to be saved

 The Darkness

The darkness comes from deep inside. 
It creeps up from out of your dark side. 
Gnawing at your flesh by your graveside. 
Of a life that you feel lives you mortified. 
Creeping death shivers down your spine. 
You feel it wrap around, you feel it reassign. 

Your screams and visions will all align.
Under the moon they will combine. 
The cares and the worries you place on today. 
Are replaced by blinding pain in your temple, you have nothing to say. 
Your feel all hope go floating away. 
Leaving you alone, as your body starts to decay. 
You see your life end, but when did it begin? 
You fall to your knees as your thoughts go within. 
The deepest part of your soul, under your skin.
You see the vision of the bitter end. 
You stay alive as the skin and muscle fall from your bones. 
You get lightheaded and collapse on your knee bone's. 
You feel like you're in an episode of the twilight zone. 
All you can do is let out a little moan.
You finally succumb to your fate. 
You finally become the desolate. 
Roaming the earth as deaths advocate. 
Bringing your victims to hells gate.

best Halloween poems - funny halloween poems for adults

Black Trees, Ghosts, And Bumble Bees

Lying on your bed just like every other night, 
There is something that'd give grown men fright, 
There's a black figure stalking in the night, 
And it won't go away until dark turns to light, 
It's the very thing that we all give up breathing, 
It's the latest toy it's a werewolf being, 
It's so scary and it's breathing in the night, 
The creature jumps off and it takes to flight, 

You can scream all you want to but that won't scare, 
Too small for a dragon but too large for a bear, 
Leave your lights turned on and turn up your favorite song, 
Call in your parents but they won't help you now, 
You've gone too far so you can't get back out, 
It's not that silly monster in your closet, 
Your Aunt's picture in your heart shaped locket, 
No old black magic or any trick of the mind, 
It pulls you in and soon you're entwined

Black Hood 

You know you've seen it around before
Tailing your car to the grocery store.
Just out of sight from where you stood
That fleeting and unforgettable black hood.

From the back of the line in the coffee shop
To the streets, hidden behind a bus stop.
'It's following me,' you decide for good.
That evasive and eerie black hood.

Taunting you, holding a bouquet of flowers
A haunting feeling you remember for hours
Frightening you more than it should,
That ominous and daunting black hood.

funny halloween poems for kids

Jolting awake in the middle of the night
It's outside of your window; your fear ignites.
Losing more sleep than you ever thought you could,
That sinister and possessive black hood.

Now you can't even walk down the hall
Without panicking; it's everywhere...yet nowhere at all
Your crutch is the wall and its sturdy wood
That terrifying and ubiquitous black hood.

It's paralyzed you, with fear and uncertainty
Snatching your thoughts and seizing your clarity
If you knew a way to stop this, you would
That uncontrollable and engrossing black hood.

Today is Halloween, the day of the dead.
Trudging home with feet heavier than lead,
You hear footsteps behind you, so you stop in your tracks.
You're shaking with terror, that feeling is back.

But this time, it's different; something's wrong.
Though your fear is the same, ever so strong,
Now it's closer, behind you, there's a knife at your back!
The last thing you see before the world turns black...

Best Halloween Poems for Childrens

Halloween Night

Trick-or-Treat is all you hear,
kid's running around yelling "look what I got!".
Ghost yell "Boo! I scared you!".
Teens scaring little kids by saying "They're gonna get you."

There's a full moon tonight, 
The monsters come out and play.
Black cats and bats are all over in the night,
You better not cross through the grave yard today.

Pumpkins glowing thorough the night,
fog covering the glow of the moon.
Teens saying "they are very near."
And all kids get very scared. 

Run run as fast as you can,
though the night.
Only seeing by the glow of the moon,
Hearing laughs of the cruel dead ghouls.

Doors shut,
parents say good night.
Now you just have to wait,
for next Halloween Night.


Halloween, blood gurgling scream
Little children run and hide
Ghost costumes and flying brooms
On which evil witches ride

Haunted house, a shredded blouse
A scarecrow in the backyard
Graveyard love, vampire's blood
Can make this night seem so hard

Halloween, enchanted scene
A night filled with pure terror
Freddy Krueger, plastic Luger
There is no room for error

Rotten eggs, a neighbor begs
"Please don't use toilet paper."
Pranksters prey and run away
Like they just pulled a caper

Halloween, big eyes of green
A black cat is hissing loud
Ghosts say "Boo" and Mom warns you
"Don't stray too far from the crowd."

Trick or treat, a candy sweet
Also calories galore
Get off track and circle back
Maybe you will get some more

Halloween, number thirteen
A night of goblins and ghosts
Pumpkin patches, bag snatchers
And a Jack-O-Lantern host

Pitch black night, kids filled with fright
Enchanting and scary scene
A full bag will make them brag
And long for next Halloween

Halloween acrostic poem - children's halloween poems

In Darkest Woods He Wandered 

In darkest woods he wandered,
one moonless stormy night.
The tree limbs made him shiver
reaching out through lightnings light.

The thunder rumbled its deep warning
and spoke of dreadful things;
for he was out on Halloween
with all its dark heart brings.

His path led through the woods for miles
and eyeballs watched him travel;
He could feel their wicked smiles
while trying hard not to unravel.

Would he live another hour 
or would dark forces take him down?
Would they this traveler overpower?
Did he hear hoof beats on the ground.

fun halloween poems - a halloween poem

The thunder clapped the lightening flashed.
The tree limbs reached to slap at him;
He heard the evil cackle while
all his senses seemed to dim.

The rain was in his face now
as the storm just seemed to grow;
he was lying on his back
and how? he didn't know.

The fear engulfed his total being
he couldn't even speak
and all the evil he was seeing
only served to make him weak.

He jerked awake and saw beside him 
another frightened form.
somehow they both were now 
together in this awful storm.

He looked at her beside him 
and said with eyes quite wide;
I don't feel like sleeping out,
I think I'll go inside!

Most of you buy gifts for your close friends and relatives in order to make Halloween celebration special. Have you ever send a good Halloween poems to them. If not, then it’s the best time to send Halloween funny poems to them to do something different for this Halloween. We are presenting different funny Halloween poems that will accomplish your particular needs for sure. Our Halloween acrostic poem and Halloween funny poems include funny Halloween poems for adults, funny Halloween poems that rhyme. While, children's Halloween poems includes Halloween poems for kids and cute Halloween poems for kids. 

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Adult Halloween poems - childrens halloween poem

The Vampire's Kiss

Beware the kiss of the living dead
It will leave you wanting
Hunger delays once he's fed
But soon restarts the hunting

Daylight breaks and brings the night
As deadly sleep takes over
And when the moon renews it's light
The corps-ed shell grows colder

A woman walking down the street
An invitation to dinner
She never hears the silent feet
That carry the deadly sinner

And as the fangs sink down deep
The hunter takes his prey
He prays the Lord her soul to keep
Then slowly backs away

Beware the kiss of the living dead
It will leave you wanting
Hunger delays once she's fed
But soon restarts the hunting

funny Halloween poems for adults - adult halloween poems

Trick or Treat 

Candy candy in the bag
It's that time of year
Funny clown witchy hag
Another house is near

Popcorn balls and tootsie rolls
A handful is the best
Taken from the biggest bowls
At homes that pass the test

Ding dong ring the bell
Trick or treat is said
And if it does not go so well
Then mark the first word said

halloween invite poem - halloween kids poems

Trees draped in toilet paper
Fecal bags on fire
Dressed like an undertaker
The trick was their desire

Midnight comes all bags are full
Time to count the bounty
The night is done we've played our role
All throughout the county

Enjoy this yearly fun filled night
Feast upon it's riches
From the first and final bite
Of Hugs and Hershey Kisses

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cute Halloween poems - halloween acrostic poem

Halloween Passes Us By

Each nose is twitching, excitement is itching
Bats in our belfry are shy 
The hour of witching is rather bewitching
Halloween will soon pass us by

Dressed as a witch, in a pin and a stitch
Hoping to fly over the sky
Inspired with fun, Halloween has begun
But soon it will pass us on by 

funny halloween poem - halloween love poems

The flying broom skips out of the room
Where black birds catch up on the fly
Owls run away when sun breaks the day
Before Halloween passes us by

Scarecrows and witches with patches on britches
Wild corn grown hang on the husk
Children all happy in costumes so snappy
With parties and dress up's till dusk

Boil and bubble a pot of fun trouble
Halloween pumpkin pie
From out of the rubble, excitement will double 
Before Halloween passes on by

Halloween invite poem - best halloween poems

Halloween Invite

Elegant in burnt orange afterglow,
Sparkling darkness opens the show.
Strangers arriving from all around;
Some even, from the bad side of town.

They come afoot and driven by car;
Toddlers in strollers, they can't walk far.
Mothers shouting orders to stay in sight,
Transgressors will rightly rue this night.

Flickering lights and untied laces;
Stomping feet going through their paces.
Scampering legs are willing accomplices,
To smiling eyes and hideous faces.

Through the gauntlet of terror they swarm;
Decked to play in pillaging uniform.
Tree and flower tremble and waiver;
Bumped and trampled in their fervor.

cute halloween poems - halloween funny poems

Garish masks obscure excited grins.
Shrieks of joy emanate from within.
Ghostly spirits from the bowels of earth,
Hang from limbs, grinning in ghoulish mirth.

Silken chains embracing all who stray,
Beckons the widow to her frightened prey.
Garnished by howling cries of certain demise;
Steaming cauldrons await their fleshy prize.

Engraved heads from the garden of Hades,
Impotent charms to appease candied fantasies,
Festooned arches bedecked in orange and black,
Ornate ornaments to win the neighborhood plaque;

Hostiles charitably looting town;
Sacks of booty slowing them down.
With bulging bags filled with plunder,
The advancing hordes scatter asunder.

Like tocks from a clock they continue to arrive,
Will the morrow find villagers still alive?
Spades of woe befall each who rashly ignore,
Ominous omens glued to shop window and door.

Good halloween poems - funny halloween poems

Pass me by, to my neighbor grace his stage;
Assuage with him your gluttonous rage.
Rapacious hands swaying in ritual dance;
Exuberance untethered in blitzing advance.

Eyeing my castle the motley mobs charge in,
Guarded but by growlin' dog an' smilin' pumpkin;
Upon my stoop they brazenly climb,
My breath on hold, I hear the chime;

My time I fear is near at hand,
My blood or treasure they demand;
Hunkered down and hidden from sight,
No mercy presented for my plight;

With sweaty palms and pounding heart,
Please Lord I pray, make them depart;
For a shot of Scotch I silently scream,
Cuz I forgot the candy on Halloween!

 Final Words : 

If you like our above presented Halloween love poems then don’t forget to send Halloween invite poem to your friends and family. We wish all our viewers a happy Halloween.

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